Tickets of Neste Oil Rally Finland 2015

Neste Oil Rally Finland online tickets are sold at AKK-Motorsport´s web store and at Lippupiste's site. Rally Pass and Biker´s Pass sales has begun at selected Neste Oil service stations. Neste Oil Rally Finland´s official box office sale will start on July 21st in HQ Sokos Hotel Alexandra in Jyväskylä (Hannikaisenkatu 35).

In addition to the web store, you can get this year´s novelty, the Rally Rookie Pass* targeted at 12 to 17-year-olds, from the box office in Hotel Alexandra and from the Neste Oil service stations located in Jyväskylä (Kirri, Tourula and Savela). Also tickets for the Jyväskylä Paviljonki Service Park, Harju Special Stage and Rally Zone Music Festival will be sold at Hotel Alexandra.

Special Stage tickets are sold during the event at each stage. Rally fans under 12 years of age can access all events free of charge when accompanied by a parent.

Personal assistants of physically disabled ticket holders (1 assistant/person) can access all events free of charge. Advance information of the disabled parking areas at the Special Stages will be available in the spectator area info of the Official Programme, which will be published in 16 July.

* Please note: only limited edition available

Ticket prices

Ticket prices include VAT 10%; VIP ticket prices include VAT 24%. To order the ticket preferred, please click the name of the ticket.

Rally Passes 

Rally Pass € 65 
Biker´s Pass € 75 
Rally Rookie Pass
* (12-17 olds) € 45

Special Stage Tickets

Ruuhimäki Shakedown, Jyväskylä € 10 
Special Stage Ticket € 18
Special Stage Ticket 
(SS1 + SS2) € 25 
City Special Stage Harju 1
, Jyväskylä € 20
City Special Stage Harju 2
, Jyväskylä € 20

Jyväskylä Paviljonki Service Park Tickets

Single-Day Ticket, € 10
Weekend Ticket, € 15

VIP Passes

Golden VIP Harju 1, € 282,70
Golden VIP Harju 2, € 282,70
Golden VIP Himos 1, € 234,40
Golden VIP Himos 2, € 234,40
Golden VIP Surkee 1, € 234,40
Golden VIP Surkee 2, € 234,40

Rally Zone Combo Tickets

1 Day Festival Ticket + Rally Pass, € 97,50 
2 Days Festival Ticket + Rally Pass, € 122,50
3 Days Festival Ticket + Rally Pass, € 146,50