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Discover Finland

Finland on the Internet

Finland has gained a reputation as the country of advanced technology. That is what Finland is, but also much more. There are the clean nature, peaceful life in the countryside as well as many aspects of city culture. Dramatic changes in the seasons bring snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, burning hot days and everything in between.Finland (McKlein)

According to international researches, Finland is the leading information society in the world, the least corrupted and the most equal nation. The capital Helsinki, for it´s part, is the safest city in the world. Through her history, Finland has also been a gateway between East and West, which has added its own flavour to the Finnish way of life.

General information

Information about Finland provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in English: http://virtual.finland.fi

Pages of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Human Technology Central Finland portal

Central FinlandCentral Finland, as the name suggests, lies at the very heart of Finland, within reasonable distance of all parts of the country. Central Finland has a population of about 270 000, and its capital, Jyväskylä, is the seventh largest city in Finland. It is a dynamic, youthful and lively city, which on the basis of its specializations promotes itself as the Human Technology City.

The Human Technology City combines high-quality information technology with the human perspective, in a trailblazing, unique manner for the purpose of finding new solutions for the needs of individuals and organizations. It is famous for its achievements in science and technology, its high-quality cultural activities and beautiful natural environment. Jyväskylä has always been closely associated with education and almost every third passer-by is a student.

Pages of the Human Technology Central Finland


It is worth looking for information about travel and tourism in Finland on the pages provided by The Finnish Tourist board. Please click on the logo to access their pages.You can also find information at the following addresses: http://www.finland.org and http://www.finland-tourism.com.

If you are interested in the news and weather in Finland, you will find the information in the pages provided by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The pages of the City of Helsinki can be found at http://www.helsinki.fi/en/index.html.

The pages of the City of Jyväskylä, acting as the host of the Neste Rally Finland, can be found at http://jyvaskyla.fi/international.


In numbers and statistics, Finland has the most comprehensive coverage on the pages of the Statistics Finland, at www.stat.fi/index_en.html.